Crafting Your Dream Home: A Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Custom House in Fairfield Glade, Tennessee

Thinking about building a new home in Fairfield Glade? Curious to know what's involved with the process?

Meet Our Design, Karen Dunivan

Karen Dunivan has been involved in Zurich’s design work for a decade, accumulating over 30 years of experience in the design industry. Before relocating to Fairfield Glade, she worked in the Atlanta and Denver areas.

Her own Zurich Homes project marked her initial foray into a hands-on approach with clients, where she introduced the concept of a hidden pantry, a feature now incorporated into most of the Zurich Homes projects. Karen takes pride in being a trendsetter and the first to implement this innovative design element!

Remaining dedicated to staying ahead of the latest design trends, Karen assists clients in making informed decisions for their new homes. She also provides guidance on classic design principles to ensure homes remain timeless over the years.

In addition to overseeing interior selections for custom homes and models, Karen is responsible for furnishing the models, offering clients a genuine experience of what it’s like to live in these spaces.

Karen has a true eye for style and a deep passion for her work.

“I truly love my job and the team that I work with makes it fun.”


The Zurich Homes approach begins with your vision so we can bring each and every detail to life. Through a dynamic synergy of collaborative design, meticulous planning, and diligent on-site project management, we engage closely with our clients to integrate their aspirations while remaining conscientious of budgetary considerations.

Our Zurich Homes approach is marked by professionalism, collaboration, and an unwavering commitment to our clients throughout the entire design-build journey. Prior to the groundbreaking moment, we meticulously budget and transparently price your new home, providing a comprehensive breakdown of all included features.

This client-centered approach is what sets Zurich Homes apart as a premier homebuilder in Fairfield Glade.

Step 1: Vision

Throughout the Zurich Homes journey, our foremost objective is to transform your vision into reality. Our process revolves around the spirit of collaboration. In our initial meeting, we will thoroughly discuss your vision, ideas, and objectives for your upcoming home. Armed with this valuable insight, we embark on the journey of turning your dream into a tangible reality.

Step 2: Design

Following our initial meeting where we gather your vision, ideas, and goals, we engage in a cooperative process with design professionals to craft initial schematic plans for your review.

These plans are then refined based on the feedback from our clients and enriched by the professional insights of the Zurich Homes team.

Step 3: Price

Once the plans for your new home are finalized, we work together to review the vision for the finishes of your new home. This is where the details begin to take shape – cabinets, countertops, tile, flooring, trim work, etc. The fine details that bring the plans to life and make your new house a home.

Once the plans and finishes are finalized, Zurich Homes formally prices your new home as specified. We review the pricing together, and collaboratively make changes to plans or specifications as needed to remain mindful of budget. Our transparent approach is a commitment to the partnership we have with our clients.


Step 4: Build

Our commitment to delivering exceptional quality in every project hinges on rigorous on-site project management. We maintain a close and continuous partnership with our clients throughout the process. This entails regular pre-scheduled on-site meetings, weekly progress updates facilitated by your dedicated Project Manager, and direct avenues for communication to address any questions or concerns.

Our objective at Zurich Homes is to ensure that our clients are not only satisfied but deeply engaged in the journey of manifesting their dream home.

Step 5: Dream Home

Your dream has materialized – your brand-new home is now a reality! As you settle into your new abode, take comfort in the assurance of our Zurich Homes Builder Warranty Program. We have unwavering confidence that each of our clients will create cherished memories for years to come in their meticulously crafted custom Zurich Home!