Why Buy New?

Why Buy a New Home over a Used Home? Lots of reasons, but cost and maintenance are some of the best reasons!

According to Newhomeresource.com, a new home is over 30% more energy efficient than a home build just 10 years ago. In fact a new homeowner will save 3,449 KWH per year over a used home. That’s enough savings to power your washing machine for up to 4 years, a TV for up to 11 years, and a coffee maker for up to 32 years!

It doesn’t just stop with energy efficiency. New home owners spend less on repairs and maintenance. So far this year owners of used homes have spent over $1,392,221,424 in repairs and maintenance.

There are lots of great reasons to BUY NEW! Search are homes and plans and see if buying new is right for you!